Rainbow Lotus


Artrist: Amanda Brisbane

An English eccentric with a profound love of color, textures, nature, travel, culture, people, penguins, parties and all the experiences that life offers; Amanda harnessed inspiration from all she encountered. On seeing the sand casting technique for the first time, during her studies in the USA, Amanda Brisbane was instantly drawn to the textural finishes that the process generates – the subtle interplay between the fire-polished smoothness of the inner surface and the contrasting, coarser texture of the cast underbelly. It is a procedure that she has refined over the years; producing one-off glass sculptures that take on an organic, three-dimensional form all of their own. Amanda believed in the simple truth of the work she created, joy with the broadest of the making process, embraced and lived life to its fullest, She absorbed everything around her and gave back in equal measure. We are saddened to report the passing of Amanda Brisbane in 2016

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