Roberto Milan

Sculptor Roberto Milan lives and works in his native city of Udine, Italy. As a child his passion for art was nurtured at the family-run wood sculpture workshop founded in 1928. Here he was held spellbound by the force and potential of the chisel and gouge. Being introduced to the medium of wood and the possibilities it offered for artistic expression at such a young age, was pivotal in his direction as an artist. For decades the family studio created prestigious wood works and Milan cites its continuing influence on his creativity. Milan studied at the School of Arts in Udine and was influenced by talented mentors in many aspects of art. As a contemporary sculptor working in mixed-media with a focus on wood, he is dedicated to the study and research of antique wood-work techniques, pigments, the secrets of patination, gilding, and nourishing of the surface of wood. He has skillfully combined time-honored techniques with the modernity of his forms and contemporary concepts. Milan’s works belong to many distinguished art collections across Europe, North and South America.

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