William (Bill) Johnson

Inspired by the Bahamian waters upon which he has spent most of his life, Artist William Johnson, Jr., better known as Bill, has mastered a scientific illustrator’s style for capturing the natural beauty of this tropical paradise. Mr. Johnson’s sailboat, “Makurai Maru” serves as his home and studio. His lifestyle has enabled him to become familiar with his subjects and to paint them against a natural backdrop of sea and sky. People who have studied The Bahamas applaud the accuracy of his work. Special recognition has been given to his prints of Bahamian fishing gear and sailing craft. Bill is also an author of several books, including ‘Bahamian Sailing Craft’, which can be found in the National Watercraft Collection at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and in the National Archives in Nassau, Bahamas. He continues to write today. Bill recently turned 90 in 2021, and has proudly been represented by Grove Gallery & Interiors during our entire 35+ years of business. He continues to paint today, and a large percentage of his art sales are donated to the Junior Sailing Club in is area.

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