Carol McArdle

Born in Jamaica, Carol McArdle grew up from age 3 in Bristol, England. After high school she attended West Surrey College of Art and Design but left early to became mostly a self-taught artist. In 1995 she moved to Southwest Florida and became an American citizen in 2001.
Carol McArdle developed her bold and colorful Natural Florida series of paintings beginning in 2006. They have received much recognition and today her work is in private and public collections around the world. Her work has been featured both inside and on the cover of many Florida publications, as well as the national art magazine, The American Art Collector. In 2009 Carol’s work was featured in “Paint America Top 200” and in “Paint the Parks Top 100” which toured for a year around the USA . Carol continues to paint what she and her collectors love and want to remember about the beauty of State and National Parks, Preserves and other undisturbed areas of nature.

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