Bruce Dumas

Artist Bruce Dumas is a native of New England, and has been painting professionally since 1982. His love for art began as a child, when he began sketching and drawing. Originally pursuing Fantasy and Science Fiction images, he turned to landscape paintings, and soon after wildlife subjects in their environment. Originally Dumas painted in oils, but now he works exclusively with acrylics on canvas and board, representing the wide variety of nature, landscapes, seascapes, and harbor scenes encountered on his extensive field trips throughout New England and along the east coast. He paints directly from nature and personal observation, earnestly and with passion. Bruce’s handling of contrast and color brings the canvas vibrantly alive, but he also captures a great deal of detail. Bruce Dumas is an award winning painter who has exhibited in several fine art shows, and in galleries at Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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