Caleb Nichols

Caleb Nichols started glassblowing at Tulane University and has been an independent glass artist for almost thirty years. In his work, Caleb Nichols strives to transport the viewer to a different place of their choosing by juxtaposing different elements found in nature, such as water, fire, stone, and ice. Nichols is at an exciting stage of working in glass, he has reached the point where his ideas, not technical virtuosity, come first. As a result, his work has grown in size to 30-inch sculptural pieces and his imagery has expanded. Still inspired by the moods and vastness of the ocean, he has lately been pushing his concepts a step further. Nichols has done his share of obsessing on technique. In his quest to “build a better vocabulary,” he has mastered such standards as blowing, casting, annealing and fusing. His works have been exhibited allover the world including The Unites States, Italy, China, Japan, and Bermuda

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