Enhance, protect, and display your treasures beautifully with custom picture framing. Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors has been the source for superb-quality conservation matting and framing since 1986. Our framing professionals draw from a selection of thousands frames and materials to create the perfect presentation for your treasures - from family photos and delicate needlework, to valuable paintings, and more.

•  Our art handlers will pick up and deliver oversize pieces.
•  We offer professional picture hanging services.

We have over 4000 frames to choose from and we can order other frames not in stock.  There is no limit to what we can frame for you.


Decorate With New Picture Frames

  • New Frames, New Look

    Choosing new picture frames and photos as the “artistic” wall art in your rooms will give you the final touch you need. Picture frames are affordable home décor than can be made to look new and fresh. Whether you choose to use art sketches, paintings or family pictures, switching out the frames keeps your décor nice and fresh.

    Always remember to use conservation materials on all your precious photos and antique art. For information on preserving your photos and art, read the tips to the right. It makes a big difference on how many years those memories will be kept.

    Our designers will work with our expert framers to match the new design and look you are trying to achieve. Our interior design center has everything you need including over 4,000 frames to choose from.


    Custom Picture Framing Miami

Framing Tips

  • 1. Choose a professional custom framer who shares your creative vision.

    Professional framers are craftspeople who can help you select the best materials. This should be a collaborative, creative process. You’ll discuss the different options available for the following three essential framing materials:

    • Mat board – Available in a variety of colors. One or more window mats can be used, depending on your design preference.
    • Glazing (glass and acrylic) – Be sure to request a UV-filtering glazing, which helps protect treasures from damaging light rays.
    • Frame – The most visible component of your custom piece. There are many styles (profiles), and your professional framer will help you select a frame that flatters– but doesn’t overwhelm – the items you have selected for framing.

    2. All mat board is not created equal.

    Mat board can vary widely. When preservation framing, a professional framer would only use preservation-grade board. Preservation-grade mat board can be labeled in a variety of ways, such as alpha cellulose (100 percent cotton “rag” or purified wood pulp). Any mat board made from wood pulp should also be buffered. Boards covered with fabric or other specialty surface layers may contain dyes, chemical components, additives, or adhesives unsuitable to be in direct contact with the item being framed.

    3. All framing glazing is not created equal.

    Picture framing glazing is available in a variety of types. Some specialty glazing offers unparalleled clarity, making the glazing appear almost invisible. Ultraviolet glazing blocks 98 percent of a certain section of the damaging indoor and outdoor UV light rays and helps slow down fading more than any other glazing option.

    4. Frame it to last.

    If you want your artwork or treasured possession to be a legacy for future generations, ask our professional framers to use only preservation-grade mat board and UV glazing. Our framers are experienced in preservation framing techniques for all your precious mementos and keepsakes.