By Nancy Cooper; Coconut Grove Voice

What home wouldn't look better without a golden retriever laying around? Rich textures and colors, plush carpets, one-of-a-kind art and overstuffed furniture are nice, but if you really want to feel at home, get yourself a golden retriever. Long time Grove business, Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors on Bird and 28th is owned and operated by the Kuhl family -- Frank and Sheila, their daughter, Janel, and Bailey, the four-legged and seriously mellow receptionist.

What might be confused as a rug, Bailey welcomes family, friends, customers and everyone human or canine pretty much the same way with just a little tail wagging. No sense wasting a lot of energy, Bailey's planning on a long career. Janel says, "Bailey is our third golden retriever, the first two lived long lives and all of them have been really mellow. Since they overlapped, I think they taught each other the ropes." Coconut Grove has its share of dog lovers. From dog-friendly outdoor cafes and dogs that belly-up to the bar at the Taurus to highly trafficked dog parks, pooches are part of the village charm.