Patrick R.

I've ben driving by here on my way home for a while and finally decided to stop in. I wasn't disappointed. This place is a gem in Coconut Grove. The designer's and staff are friendly, knowledgable and my favorite part not aggressive or hovering. The woman I worked with offered me advice then let me wonder. Periodically she checked in with me and highlighted some furniture that met what I was looking for. The showroom will probably meet most people's taste ranges. Check this place out.

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Liliana D.

I had never really been to Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors because I thought it was a furniture gallery, and I do not need any more furniture, so had seen no point in going there.  However I has the opportunity to go yesterday for a Grove Chamber Networking event and was delighted to wander through the vast space and discover that while yes, they do have furniture, they also have a great deal more things, including accessories both of the home and personal varieties. In fact I was quite taken with what a great jewelry department they have-- lots of modern, well-crafted things, many that I would want, right of the bat. So if anyone is thinking of giving me a present, I am officially registered there (I am starting a new movement to register myself at stores I like - since I have been shopping this way for some, time owing to the large number of wedding I keep getting invited to lately, it occurred to me that registering should not be limited to brides. I mean, I have not been a bride for a while but I have particular tastes. So if you are going to give me something, why not check out the stuff I like?)

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