Designer Card Program

We are very excited to introduce to you our new DESIGNER CARD PROGRAM, enhanced services and more options!  At Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors we consider designers one of our most important client groups and we want to encourage you to take full advantage of all that we have to offer.   As a business that prides itself on super service we strive to make your life easier by providing you access to our full library of reference guides including:

  • Designer Furniture & Unique Accessories
  • An art gallery with over 50 artist
  • Imported Rugs & Floral Decorations
  • Product Catalog & Fabric Room

Our design consultants and staff will gladly help you with your search for specific items, or even to brainstorm with you when you are working on a tough floor plan – as we said earlier it is our mission to make your life easier!  In addition to this to thank you for bringing your valuable business here we are happy to offer you exclusive introductory access to our floor specials.

As you may already know we offer an extensive array of furniture and accessories but what you may not realize is that we also offer custom products including:

  • 2D & 3D Art & Photo Framing
  • Custom Bedding, Cabinetry and Window Treatments
  • AutoCAD Plans and Detailing

We also have connections to some of the most thorough and reliable contractors in the business and offer exceptional project management services.  Through our DESIGNER DEALS PROGRAM Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors can offer you the ease of working with our reliable professionals at an exceptional value!

To enroll in our new DESIGNER CARD PROGRAM and be eligible for all the enhanced services please CLICK HERE to apply.  We will send you a card with your personal discount code that will allow you to access the program. As an added bonus you will receive a $100 coupon for your first purchase of $250 or more.

We look forward to developing a wonderful working relationship with you and to providing you and your clients with unique items and exceptional service.