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Growing up in the colorful city of San Francisco and studying art in historic Florence, Italy has given Britten a wide range of artistic abilities. With experience as a graphic, portrait, and mural artist, Britten has found her true expression in the contemporary art world. Britten starts every painting with a hand made alder wood frame, stretched with organic cotton canvas. After gesso, she applies a water based layer, giving the painting texture. Layers of gold, silver, and copper leaf, are then followed by French milled, museum quality, oil paint and resin. This unique layering technique gives her paintings a luminous quality that range from a peaceful ethereal feeling to a vibrant zing. Britten resides in Colorado; her creativity mirrors an internal landscape of emotion inspired by Colorado’s open space. She paints with the skill and aesthetic sensitivity acquired from experience and a fearless exploration of endless possibilities.

My intention with creativity is to remain clear, open, and grateful for its presence in my life. I believe painting is a medium for universal communication. Within each piece, an emotion is captured and translated directly from the source. This source lives in us all. It is that which cannot be explained, but sparks our existence.

When I paint, I feel a completeness or balance. My mind is free and my body moves without effort. Through this organic process, I never know exactly what will surface. A painting evolves through various steps, before taking on a presence. Only when it is finished, am I able to recognize an emotion or message conveyed. Once a painting is named, I write about its meaning to me. These inscriptions accompany each piece and reflect an awareness of myself, as well as, humanity. This process of self-discovery is intended to open a door and share perspective, rather than make a statement.

Perception has infinite possibilities, just as color does and I like to play with both.

My life is my art and my art is my life. There is no separation between the two and it has taken me years to accept this fully. In this acceptance, I have found the gift of creativity, which is to both give and receive. Creativity is not owned by anyone, it is an energy that manifests whatever is needed.And so I paint… with the intention that the viewer is able to experience exactly what drew him or her to the painting, lighting the spark of creation within.

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