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Mary Diddle

After holding positions on cruise ships, and having had a successful, extensive, yet Unfulfilling career in retail management, Mary Diddle decided to pursue a professional Path that better utilized her creative abilities and allowed true professional expression. A Native of Nashville, Tennessee, Raku sculptor Mary Diddle combines in her art both her Love for the sea and that of the unique, primitive and ethnic culture that her many travels have taught her to appreciate. She emphasizes texture in her clay works created with Pbjects from the sea gathered from many parts of the world.

Her medium, being hand-built Raku, is ideal for Mary as its results can be as exciting and Unpredictable as the sea itself. An accomplished scuba diver, many of mary’s pieces are Inspired from her various dives around the world.

In her work, Mary combines both her love for the sea that of the unique, primitive And ethnic cultures the her worldwide travels have taught her to appreciate. She Emphasizes texture in her clay works created with objects from the sea itself. Some works Are reminiscent of wall dives in the Bay Islands in the sun. While others remind her of Night-diving in Cozumel or deep diving in Truk lagoon.

Unique, hand mixed glazes enhance each piece and are used in her surface design to Assimilate the beauty and variety of colors within the ocean. Mary’s ultimate goal is to Bring awareness to the preservation of the reefs and to support groups that endeavor To do so.

One of the most wonderful things about Raku art is that no two pieces will ever look Identical. Although many elements of the process are under Mary’s strict control… there Is always the element of surprise when a piece is finally taken from the fire and its unique Beauty shines through.

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