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Maykel Herrera

Maykel Herrera was born in Camaguey, Cuba in 1979.  He gained his formal training in Painting and Drawing from The Professional School of Arts in Camaguey where he graduated in 1998. 

Herrera is easily celebrated as one of the best living artist in Cuba. 

He has not only taught for workshops in painting, drawing, and appreciation of the arts in Camaguey, but also in institutions around the world.  Herrera has worked for guardianship in personal and collective exhibitions inside and outside of Cuba.  His various awards, publications, exhibitions and illustrations bear testament to his artistic ability and the recognition he carries in the informed artistic communities.  It is no surprise that his work carries praise and admiration by many.

Maykel Herrera's work is in one of the most important art museums in Cuba, el Museo Provincial General Ignacio Agramonte in Camaguey.  The museum, which houses collections that range from archaeological items to fine arts, mainly focuses on local and regional pieces.  A collection ranging from the early 19th century to modern works, it is a very important achievement for someone at such a young age to be featured in. 

Additionally Herrera’s work “Naked John Paul II” was selected for a special Review as a result of the Pope’s visit to Cuba in 1998.  In 2007, Maykel was nominated to represent Cuba in the 10 World Artists Show 

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